Confronted with today’s shrinking budgets and escalating demands, federal agencies need more responsive, innovative and value-focused technology partners. At the same time, the demands of mission-critical work require that these partners bring world-class experience, extensive resources and a robust delivery model. Agilex was established to fill this void – bringing together the deep expertise typically found in a large contractor with the agility and focus of a smaller, more entrepreneurial firm. 

Agility plus Expertise equals Agilex

Agilex helps agencies capitalize on technology to improve mission execution, service delivery and cost efficiencies. We partner with our clients to define and implement innovative solutions that deliver rapid, sustainable and demonstrable results. We hit the ground running with dedicated teams serving the Intelligence & Defense, Healthcare, Justice & Homeland Security, and Public Sectors.

Our Core Competencies include Software Development & Systems Integration, Infrastructure Optimization & Cloud Computing, Advanced Analytics & Data Management, and Enterprise Mobility. Within these disciplines, we employ a client-driven approach to identify challenges, anticipate threats, develop solutions, execute projects and deliver results.

Why Agilex

We are an integrated team of mission and technology experts determined to make a difference. Our professionals are united by their entrepreneurial zeal, client commitment and passion for results. As a forward-looking firm, we ignore the status quo to continually redefine what’s possible.

Built from the ground-up to solve the hard enterprise information problems of critical missions, we bring together a number of proven strengths to help our clients consistently achieve their objectives:

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We focus exclusively on the unique demands of the federal government and have aligned ourselves with its most strategic operations. We also employ a number of distinguished government leaders. With a real-world understanding of the stakes, challenges and constraints associated with every engagement, we can quickly craft pragmatic solutions that witness swift adoption and success in the field.

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Within government, we have been pioneers in the successful adoption of new and emerging technologies, including agile software development, mobile computing and unstructured data analytics. We use our deep understanding of technology’s potential to create solutions that overcome systemic challenges to deliver breakthrough performance. Often, these more innovative and flexible solutions are easier and less costly to maintain than the legacy systems they replace.

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We recognize the mission and budget imperatives our clients operate under today and structure every engagement to accelerate return-on-investment. We often deliver in just months what others have required years to achieve. By reducing time-to-value, we can maintain tighter alignment between IT and the mission as well.

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Projects in the public sector operate under greater scrutiny and require more rigorous oversight. We have instituted processes and deliverables that align our entire organization with the success of the project. We also insist upon sharing our perspective with the utmost objectivity and candor. Our collaborative and transparent approach emphasizes ongoing inspection and analysis and frequent reporting to minimize risk and deliver accountability.

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It is the quality of the people leading and supporting the engagement that ultimately determines its success. As an employee-owned, entrepreneurial firm, we can consistently attract and retain world-class talent. Our team is drawn from a cross-section of federal agencies, leading technology companies and major government contractors. Professional development is a top priority with significant investments in ongoing training as well as a team-based work environment focused on continuous learning and mentoring.

Our experience has shown that highly-skilled and motivated employees leveraging the latest technologies in a disciplined and targeted manner can consistently deliver exceptional results.

About Us

Agilex is an award-winning, employee-owned provider of mission and technology solutions to the national security, healthcare and public sectors. Headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, we serve a majority of the Cabinet-level federal departments, including the Departments of Defense, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security, Justice and Veterans Affairs; members of the Intelligence Community; and a number of independent and quasi-independent agencies, such as Amtrak and the United States Postal Service. By bringing together Agility with Expertise, our 800 professionals help clients Realize the Value of Information®.