Agilex supports members of the Intelligence and Defense communities in addressing today’s more complex missions, asymmetrical threats and tighter budgets. Our leadership with emerging technologies, extensive field experience and agile delivery model allows us to rapidly develop and implement the more innovative mission solutions required by the national security community.

Our advanced data analytics solutions have been adopted across the sector to transform terabytes of raw data into actionable, real-time intelligence. We are a recognized leader in the analysis of unstructured data, using Phanero – our semantic-based text analytics and discovery solution – to uncover relevant relationships between entities. We also offer deep mission expertise in the use of statistical analysis and predictive modeling to address the sector’s unique targeting, detection and risk management requirements. We utilize our extensive data warehousing and data quality experience to help agencies’ fully exploit Big Data’s significant potential.

Agilex provides intra- and inter-agency solutions for the sector’s unique information sharing requirements as well. Our collaboration and knowledge management solutions build upon popular technologies like Microsoft SharePoint to improve workflow and productivity, streamline decision-making and safeguard classified information. Our customized reporting, visualizations and interfaces provide an optimized user experience for any number of specialized tasks.

We are also a leader in making this critical information more readily accessible and secure in the field via smartphones and tablets. We configure and harden mobile devices to meet the sector’s stringent information security requirements, and develop the enterprise infrastructure needed to remotely manage and provision them. We also build mission-specific applications and systems that address some of the sector’s most critical requirements, such as field surveillance, situational awareness and biometric identification.

Agilex helps members of the national security community manage and enhance their underlying systems and processes to deliver truly mission-critical performance. We provide global IT support to modernize critical mission systems and lead strategic information assurance processes. We maintain industry-leading expertise in datacenter consolidation and infrastructure optimization, and help agencies migrate critical systems to the cloud for better performance and additional cost savings.

Dedicated Team Delivering Rapid Results

We are dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of the Intelligence and Defense communities, and we recognize the urgency and uncompromising quality standards that the sector requires. As an enterprise leader in agile software development, we can provide faster time-to-value with major releases often delivered in a fraction of the time otherwise required. This empirical approach also delivers higher product quality and greater responsiveness to changing requirements.

Our team is comprised of cleared professionals, including many veterans of past government service within the national security field. They offer first-hand domain knowledge and a diverse set of mission-tested skills.

To learn how Agilex can help your organization improve national security, contact Agilex Intel/Defense President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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