We partner with our Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Justice (DOJ) clients to implement more agile, targeted and leaner approaches to law enforcement, border protection and public safety.  We currently lead and support a number of strategic initiatives that are delivering dramatic performance improvements for critical missions while lowering IT costs significantly. Through these engagements, we have established an enviable reputation for innovative thinking, deep technical expertise and measurable results that positively impact each agency’s mission.

Proven Solutions for Sector Challenges

A common challenge within the sector is overcoming the constraints of legacy and siloed applications, infrastructure, data and processes. Our exclusive systems optimization methodology is being used to modernize applications, consolidate datacenters, virtualize infrastructure and migrate systems to the cloud. This new infrastructure can be implemented quickly to deliver rapid payback and cost-savings, and executed incrementally to avoid service disruptions.

Building upon this foundation, we are also working within the sector to help agencies adopt agile software development practices within their IT operations. This more iterative and empirical approach brings greater flexibility, transparency and control to the management of major programs—resulting in faster time-to-value, better developer productivity, higher quality output and lower project risk.

We also specialize in mission-specific analytics solutions that transform operational data into actionable, real-time intelligence. Our statistical and predictive models address the sector’s unique targeting, detection and risk management requirements, and have proven highly effective in real-world conditions. We also employ Phanero, our semantic-based text analytics and discovery solution, to mine very large repositories of unstructured data for critical insight and relationships.

Agilex is a recognized leader in many other aspects of data management as well, including data warehousing, data quality, database management and Big Data applications. We have created and implemented data sharing architectures for the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), which is enabling secure, real-time information sharing between participating agencies. We have also built upon popular technologies, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, to create intra- and inter-agency collaboration and information sharing solutions that improve workflow and productivity, streamline decision-making and safeguard classified information.

DHS and DOJ agencies are turning to Agilex to capitalize on smartphones and tablets within their operations. We develop mission-specific applications that address a number of sector-based requirements, including field surveillance, biometric identification, emergency response management and case management. We have also worked with major agencies within the sector to develop their mobile strategy; establish plans for deployment, operations and governance; and to implement a robust and secure mobile infrastructure.

To learn how Agilex can help your organization meet the challenges of protecting and safeguarding the nation, contact Agilex Justice & Homeland Security President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today


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